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Leigh Macfarlane is the author of romance and romantic suspense novels. 

Once upon a time, Leigh was the leader of a band. Some things happened between band members that Leigh didn't fully know how to handle. At the time, she kind of wished there was a manual somewhere which would have given her guidance. If something like that exists, she never found it, and the band broke up. Spectacularly.

After, Leigh spent a lot of time thinking about all that had occurred, some time second guessing her own choices, and some time trying to decide exactly what had happened and if any of it could have been prevented. She really wanted to write about some of the things she learned, but in a way which wouldn't "out" anyone. Fiction, Leigh decided, provided that perfect buffer. She could still explore some heavy topics, but everyone would live happily ever after. Since making that decision, Leigh's fiction has explored issues such as addiction, homelessness, forest fires, and racism.


In Leigh's second novel, the heroine's husband is killed in a drunk driving accident. Such a heavy topic seemed to need a light touch, and so Leigh decided to wrap the issue in a love story. And that is how she became a romance novelist. Then she had to answer a whole bunch of soul searching questions about just how steamy and just how foul and just how gory she wanted her stories to be. Some days, her characters want to be just a little naughtier than Leigh's mother is happy about. That worried Leigh for a bit, until she received excellent advice from a fellow writer -- just write it how it needs to be written in the first draft. You can edit it out later if you want to.

Leigh's novels can be found at


Writing -- a good gig if you can get it!

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