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Blogging Challenge, Take Two

Well, if you read this month's LMCreates newsletter, you know that my blog once a day every day challenge was a big fail. I started late, and lasted two days! So, here we go again. Having decided realism is in order, the new plan is to blog multiple times a week. So, here we go!

Last week was an intense work week around here, editing, and working, and building patio furniture. This weekend was about reaping the rewards. I spent all day Sunday out on the lake on a friend's boat, then last night my son came home, and we did outdoor movie night, and tested out the new patio couches. (Not bad!) We watched Puss N Boots: the Last Wish and laughed all the way through it. Who is your favourite fearless hero? Puss N Boots, of course!

And now it's on with the show! Back to routine. Well, kinda.

One of my responsibilities for my day job is to mail out the team birthday cards. When I mailed the one to my boss, I sent it two weeks early, and it arrived two weeks late! So, I've been trying to figure out the perfect time to send these cards off for a proper arrival. In doing so, I kind of held onto Marijanel's card overly long. I realized it wasn't going to arrive on time, and when I asked the post office what it would cost to get the card there on time, I was told $30! Thirty dollars! It's cheaper to drive it there.

And so, that is what I am about to do. Today, for work, I am driving a birthday card 90 minutes down the street to Salmon Arm. (hint, there might be flowers involved, too!). And since I'm gonna be out of office, I'm wearing the bikini and packing the towel, and am spending the afternoon at the beach in Canoe before heading home for the evening. You gotta love having a job like mine!

Have a good day everyone. Until next time!


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