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Leigh's Summer Movie Picks

Telling a story transcends mediums. You can tell a story with a painting, with a song, a book, or a movie. And I've watched several good ones so far this summer. So, here are my top three movie picks of the summer just for you!

Hidden Figures

This 2016 drama is about three female African American mathematicians who worked for NASA in 1961 at the beginning of the competition between the USA and Russia to get into space. The movie is based off the non-fiction book Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, was a commercial success, and an award winner. More than that, though, it features amazing actors at their best, a compelling story that I knew nothing about, and shows racial conditions and working conditions for women (especially African American women) in the 1960's. This story is heartfelt, compelling, and beautifully told. I honestly loved this show, and can't recommend it strongly enough.

King Richard

I have to admit, I wasn't going to watch this film. Will Smith's actions at the Oscars shouldn't, in my opinion, be rewarded. Probably, he should have been stripped of that oscar win. Actually, probably he should have been charged with assault, but hey, that's between Chris Rock and the authorities.

The thing is, I'm a huge tennis fan, and there really is not story in tennis as unique as that of Venus and Serena Williams taking the tennis world by storm. So, when King Richard came out on Netflix, it sucked me in -- and I'm so glad it did. This show is an amazing, inspirational story of a flawed but determined man and two amazing young female athletes. Although I have watched Venus and Serena play, I didn't know most of the information in this movie.

So, yeah, Will Smith should not have been rewarded for his behaviour at the Oscars, but Will Smith didn't make this movie alone. I'm glad I didn't let his actions stop me from watching the show. The story of Venus and Serena rising in the tennis world definitely is something that should be rewarded. I give this movie a wholehearted endorsement.


Oh wow. This movie made me cry. If you like inspirational stories portrayed by amazing actors, this one is the one to see. This is a new film -- 2023 -- and it reunites Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on screen. Also, they are both great in these roles.

The show is the story of Michael Jordan came to sign with the then struggling company, Nike. I found everything about this movie fascinating and inspiring. It is not a basketball story, per se, although basketball is the backdrop. This is a story of vision, and risk, and laying it all on the line for what you believe. The characters in this show were either going to win the world, or they were going to lose everything. MIchael Jordan features in this movie, but it is not his story. It is the story of a single agent with the company that makes my favourite shoes -- and how close they came to no longer existing.

If you asked me to tell you which movie I enjoyed the most, I couldn't do it. The one resonating most strongly with me is Air, but it is the one I watched most recently. I'd love to have you watch all three. If you do, let me know on social media which one you enjoyed the most!

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