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She Shed!

So, in case you don't know, I am building a She-Shed!

Last summer, I took up building furniture out of pallets, and ended up falling in love with woodworking. Over the winter, of course, it was too cold to do this outside, and I didn't want sawdust in my kitchen, so I decided a She-Shed was in order.

I have two attached sheds on my house, one used primarily for garden tools, and one used for everything else. So, today, I set up an awning to protect everything then hauled every last item out of the shed I am renovating. Next, I demolished some built in shelving, and used my leaf blower to blow all the cobwebs and mouse droppings (eww) out. Then I swept up all the garbage and called it a day.

Stay tuned for more She Shed building, as tomorrow I will be hitting the place with my scrub brush, and then it is time to insulate and build new walls!

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