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A Moment of Gratitude

Recently, I accepted a challenge to start blogging daily. I was supposed to start that two days ago. To be honest, it was a long weekend, and I totally forgot. So, today is day one.

I think these blogs will be different than others I have kept in the past. These daily blogs may be just the ramblings of my mind. They may look a lot like my Instagram posts -- a book-themed post one day, a recipe the next, a scenic photo after that. Basically, if I'm thinking it, doing it, or photographing it, you are going to hear about it. At least for the next little while.

Today, I am thinking about gratitude. You ever notice that you can go through a fast food drive-thru and the server's smile can just make your day? I had a similar type of moment today.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Emotionally, I found myself exhausted, and I went to bed fairly early. I woke up this morning to an angry message related to my day job, and a co-worker giving me a heads-up that this message awaited me. I scanned the content of the message and sighed to myself because this person has recurring issues with our system that occur on her end. There is no new information I can give her.

Since I knew I was in for a frustrating start to my day, I took my time getting to my office desk. I made a call to my bank to find out why my online app wasn't working (great service, thanks, TD). I made and drank my morning coffee while reading the local news on Castanet. I contacted my newest potential editing client to let her know her document had not arrived in my inbox. I talked to the son who slept over last night about Peachland's development woes, where a charming, lake-side small town has been discovered and is rapidly over-developing itself... and is in fact developing the charm right out of the town. They've been in the news a lot lately with development wars on opposing sides of the debate.

When I finally got to the office (AKA the sofa in the living room), I quickly shared a file with a co-worker who needs it, then set my mind to deal with cranky email du jour. Only, when I opened the list of emails needing a response, the first one I got was a thank you for work I'd done the day before.

This person has canceled her membership with our company and has no personal investment in thanking me for assisting her yesterday. Yet, she sent a message saying, succinctly, "Fantastic service, thank you." And with those four words, she has paved the way for this to be a decent day at the office, after all.

So, thank you, Ann, for taking a moment to give me that recognition, even though you didn't need to. You just made my day!

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