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The Rabbit Hole of History - Memory Lane

For those of you following this blog, you know that I am currently building a She Shed so that I can continue woodworking all winter long. To date, construction on the shed has involved deconstruction, cleaning, and combining the contents of two sheds into one. What you don't know is that part of that last bit involved going through three boxes worth of photo albums. What I found was an absolute trip down memory lane. Here are some highlights...

My High School Graduation

My sister's high school grad night


The Farm in the Winter (with Grandma Penner)

Apparently, I got married.

And had a bunch of super cute kids.

Had some losses.

Developed some skills

Welcomed this little love (Tuff N Wunderbar -- AKA Derby)

And had a lot of fun with some really great people!

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