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About the Backwoods Writer

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A few years ago, I was contracted to create several writing courses. I had them all written and ready to go, but for various reasons, plans changed. They never happened. Around the same time, my parents gave me a trailer and set me up on the back of their twenty acres with a relaxing, quiet place to hide away and write. I became The Backwoods Writer.

Because it was a quiet and uninterrupted space, I also messed around with creating a few training videos using my iPhone on a tripod which I balanced between my knees. Later, I edited the videos on iMovie. Pretty low tech. But, the beginning of an idea was formed. I would write a book -- maybe a couple of books -- on the ins and outs of writing, and those books would become the textbooks for courses on writing which I could offer online. As it goes, I determined I simply did not have time to fully commit to the project, so I put it on the back burner for future development. 

That is where it has remained. Now, I am gearing up to once again work towards creating an educational department within LMCreates. That educational space will be The Backwoods Writer.


I am just beginning to make plans on topics to cover, courses to develop, and techniques to employ. Watch this space for details as they become available over the next year.

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Leigh Macfarlane


Leigh Macfarlane is a Canadian author of 17 novels and 3 works of non-fiction. Leigh holds a BA in English Literature and a MFA in Creative Writing. Leigh spent six years as the leader of a band, sells stock photography online, raised four children, and last year, she built a chest out of pallet wood.-- all by herself! (And she's pretty dang proud, too)

Leigh has taught writing classes at the University level both in classrooms and in private to adult students. Leigh also is a freelance editor, although she is currently not accepting new clients.  

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